Kainuun Vaellustalli


All our horses are well trained, familiar with the routes, healthy and good tempered. Each and every one is their own persona: they might be small in size but they are huge in personality!


Orri frá Ásgeirsbrekku

You can always count on this confident leader of the herd. "Orri" is easy to ride and thus the favorite of many of our riders. Color palomino, born in 1999.



Árvakur frá Arnarhóli

"Alva" is calm and peaceful by nature. He is the oldest of our horses and retired from customer work at the start of 2019. Color black, born in 1993.



Spekingur frá Solvangi

Small and shy but strong "Pelle" is not suitable for beginners or children, but for an experienced icey rider he is a dream. Color bay, born in 2001.


Demantur fra Urholin 

Our baby, the five-gaited Timantti (meaning Diamond) arrived at Kainuun Vaellustalli in 2017. "Timsu" has now started his career as a working horse but at first only with our more experienced customers. Color dark red chestnut, born in 2013 in Finland.