Kainuun Vaellustalli


All but one of our horses were born in Iceland and raised in herds. All are well trained, familiar with the routes, healthy and good tempered. Each and every one is their own persona: they might be small in size but they are huge in personality!


Korka frá Mulakoti

"Korka" is friends with everyone and always the first in line for some attention! She is a nice tolter and with a gallop to die for. Color black, born in 1997. 


Þaka frá Sigluvík

This lady knows her worth and masters the gaits. 5-gaited "Taakka" can be a bit smart sometimes but she is always a sweet little horse. Color chestnut, born in 1994.


Rönd frá Skidbakka 3

This energetic 5-gait mare works as Olga's leading horse on the rides. "Önskä" is tiny and sweet yet fast as a rocket when needed. She is expecting a foal in 2019. Color red chestnut, born in 2001.