Kainuun Vaellustalli

Instructions for your ride

Safety is one of our basic values and we plan all our activities with an emphasis on safety. This is why we also insist that our customers comply with given instructions. We withhold the right to discontinue the ride should the safety of the customer and/or horse so require. If the discontinuation is due to a customer's disregard for given instructions the price of the ride will not be compensated to the customer in question.

All participants must be physically fit enough for participating. We cannot allow persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants or persons otherwise behaving inappropriately to attend rides. We will also not allow a beginner level customer to attend a ride designed for experienced riders. Do not give false information about your skill level. 

Kainuun Vaellustalli is a member of the Equestrian Federation of Finland and our customers are insured for accidents through this membership. 

Maximum group sizes and other limitations

The maximum number of participants in a group is 4-5 riders depending on their riding ability. The rides are organized according to skill level: you can find the level descriptions on the "Programs"-section. The age limit for the rides is 12 years if the child has no previous riding experience. The rider weight limit is 80-90 kg depending on the horse and the temperature limits for the rides are -18 Celcius for the one-hour trip and -15 C for the two-hour trip. Instruction on the rides is always available both in Finnish and in English.

Booking your ride

You may contact us by phone, e-mail or through the electronic form found on this website to book your ride. When booking the ride we will ask you about your previous riding experience and your age. Please be honest when reporting your previous experience. An "experienced rider" for us means a person who is skilled in all the gaits and this includes galloping in open spaces and also with young horses. If you are not yet comfortable with this don't worry - we do have a suitable horse for every rider and every ride is planned individually to meet the riders' skills. Please also notify us beforehand if you have a condition or illness that your riding instructor should know about.

Equipment and clothing

Each rider must wear a riding helmet on horseback at all times. In addition to the helmet we also provide you with clothing according to the prevailing weather: winter riding overalls (or breeches during the summer) and riding boots and gloves for loan are all included in the price of the ride. We also have waterproofs in case of rain. Each rider is required to wear a reflective vest - these are also available at the stable.

You can also wear and use your own riding gear if you like but these have to be approved by our instructor prior to the ride (gear must be washed in 60 C or desinfected prior to bringing it to our stable if it has been used elsewhere). Each rider must wear a riding helmet that meets the current safety standards and riding boots with heels together with breeches or suitable winter pants with winter jacket. Winter boots must be warm and warm socks should be worn with them. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and gloves is always recommended, even during the summer months. All equipment must be intact and suitable for the prevailing weather conditions.

Extra items or back bags are not allowed on the rides. You may take your mobile phone with you but the phone must be on silent mode. If you would like to take photos during the ride please mention this to your instructor before the ride. Your instructor always has a mobile phone with her/him together with the first aid kit and route maps in the saddle bags of the leading horse.

General instructions

We will help each rider individually in getting on the saddle and check the tightness of the girth and the length of the stirrups for everyone before heading off. Please wait until you are given the permission to mount. Prior to the ride all customers will be given instructions on riding their horses and about crossing the Kuhmo road. On the ride please stay in line, riding on the place designated for you by your instructor (overtaking another rider in the line is forbidden). You may encounter wild animals, for example deer, in the forest. Our horses are used to them. Listen carefully to what your instructor says and have a wonderful ride!