Kainuun Vaellustalli


All programs include instruction on riding your horse as well as the necessary equipment and clothing according to weather. At Kainuun Vaellustalli the price always includes a tacked up horse: all you need to do is come to the stable and hop in the saddle.

The rides are tailored to suit the skills of the group which means that previous riding experience is not compulsory. The groups are organized according to rider skill level (please check the level descriptions below). However we have an age limit of 12 years for novice riders. The rider weight limit is 80-90 kg depending on the horse.

Skill levels:


No previous experience necessary (if over 12 years of age). You might have tried horseback riding one or few times or you have not yet finished your beginner course at a riding school. On this level we will ride walk, trot and tölt.


On this level you are able to ride an experienced and calm horse in all the gaits: you can do rising trot, you know how to take up canter and slow down from canter in a controlled way. With intermediate groups we will ride walk, trot, tölt and canter.


On this level you are able to control different kinds of horses (including young horses) in open spaces in all the gaits. Your seat/position is steady also in half seat and at a faster speed. With experienced groups we will ride walk, trot, tölt and (possibly fast) canter.


Kainuun Vaellustalli is a member of the Equestrian Federation of Finland and our customers are insured for accidents through this membership. 

We accept cash and common credit cards.

Instruction on the rides is always available both in Finnish and in English.

Riding in the Kainuu's forestOne-hour ride

The one-hour ride is a pleasant way to experience the forests of Kainuu and make friends with the Icelandic horse. Our well-trained and sweet-tempered horses are happy to take you to the woods for a steady ride, to catch a glimpse of nature's treasures and to relax in the soul-soothing peace of the forest. Once you've felt the exotic tolt of our "iceys" you'll want to come back on your next vacation!

Group size 2 to 4 riders. Age limit 12 years for novice riders.

Price: 35 euros/person (includes VAT 10%)

Two-hour ride

The two-hour ride goes partly along the paths of the wild forest reindeer. During the winter we sometimes ride parts of the journey in deep snow while in the summertime you can enjoy the scent of the warm heathland. This ride takes you to places you wouldn't normally go on foot and opens your eyes to the mysteries of the forest.

Group size 2 to 4 riders. Age limit 12 years for novice riders.

Price: 58 euros/person (includes VAT 10%)

Three-hour ride (available during summertime, for experienced riders only)

The three-hour ride takes you to the beautiful landscapes of the Selkämäki fell. Riding on varied paths and roads we will experience the gaits of the Icelandic horse, enjoy the scenery and pause for a drink from time to time. Group size 3-5 experienced riders.

Price: 80 euros/person (includes VAT 10%)


Riding lesson, 1 hour 

Icelandic horse riding in our outdoor riding ring with a qualified instructor. Available only during tourism off-seasons. Suitable for intermediate and experienced riders.

2-5 persons: 20 euros/person (includes VAT 10%)

private lesson for one person: 40 euros (includes VAT 10%)