Located in a spectacular lakeshore landscape in the vicinity of an old family farm Kainuun Vaellustalli (Kainuu Horse Safaris) offers trail riding with Icelandic horses.

Our trails pass through beautiful pine forests. The old sandy roads and paths take you straight into the heart of Kainuu heathland: some of the paths bypass small ponds while others go circling in the woods.

The rides are organized according to rider skill level and instruction on the rides is always available both in Finnish an in English.

We respect our horses, nature and its animals and plan all our activities with an emphasis on safety.


One-hour ride

Our sweet tempered horses are happy to take you to the woods for a steady ride and welcome you to relax in the soul-soothing peace of the forest. Once you've felt the exotic tölt of our "iceys" you'll want to come back on your next vacation!

Group size 2-4 riders. Beginner level and up, age limit 12 years for novice riders.

Price 45 €/person (incl. VAT 10%)

Two-hour ride

During the winter we sometimes ride parts of the journey in deep snow while in the summertime you can enjoy the scent of the warm heathland and follow along the paths of the wild forest reindeer.

Group size 2-4 riders. Beginner level and up, age limit 12 years for novice riders.

Price 60 €/person (incl. VAT 10%)


Available during summertime. The three hour ride takes you to the beautiful landscapes of the Selkämäki fell. Riding on varied paths and roads we will experience the gaits of the Icelandic horse, enjoy the scenery and pause for a drink from time to time.

Group size 3-4 riders. Skill level experienced only.
Price: 80 €/person (incl. VAT 10%)

Riding lesson,
1 hour

Icelandic horse riding in our outdoor riding ring with a qualified instructor. Available during tourism off-seasons. Suitable for intermediate and experienced riders.

2-4 persons: 25 €/person (incl. VAT 10%)
Private lesson for one person: 40 € (incl. VAT 10%)

for your ride

We plan all our activities with an emphasis on safety and withhold the right to discontinue the ride should the safety of the customer and/or horse so require.


We are located approx. 10 km from the Sotkamo village towards Kuhmo on the left side of the road when traveling from Sotkamo. The Kainuun Vaellustalli signs by the Kuhmo main road (road 76) will guide you all the way to the parking lot. We recommend you do not use a car navigator to find us: they usually lead you to turn too early to the road Riekinrannantie, resulting that you miss the guide signs.

Kainuun Vaellustalli Oy
Riekinrannantie 6 B, 88600 Sotkamo

Contact us

Kainuun Vaellustalli Oy
Riekinrannantie 6 B, 88600 Sotkamo, FIN
+358 400 913 215 / Olga Pohjola

Note: while taking care of horses or teaching I’m often unable to answer the phone. I will however always call you back.

Please infrom us beforehand if you wish to visit our stable: all activities are organized according to advance booking.

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